Color preferences and sizing.
Color preferences and sizing.

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Custom Horse Bonnets

Whatever style or color you maybe looking for I can custom make your perfect bonnet for you.  I have several color's of braid, cord and rhinestones on hand and any I don't have I can order in.  Prices of my Custom Bonnets range from $30- $70+ depending on materials and how much embellishment you choose.  

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Ear Style
Color preferences and sizing.

Custom Bonnet Pricing:

Basic Cotton Bonnet                                  $30.00

Premium Cotton Bonnet                            $40.00

Additional color 

(border per additional row of color)            $5.00

Cord or Rhinestones  (Per row)                 $5.00

Shipping (US)                                             $6.00 

Shipping (Canada)                                     $8.00

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